Selkirk 'A' 17, GHA 2nds 24

GHA came visiting the Selkirk second string on Saturday, which Selkirk knew were going to be tough opponents due to their track record, however Selkirk were up for the challenge ahead, as for the first time this season with over 20 players training, on top of the rest who could not make it through work or other commitments, the Selkirk management team had too many players for the 22 available slots. Thus those selected knew they would have to step up to the mark.
And that they did!!! It was evident straight from the kick off and opening phases that Glasgow had come to secure a victory and Selkirk had no intentions of letting it happen. Glasgow kept Selkirk pinned inside their own half for the first 10 minutes, and it was only down to constant tackling and hardy defensive work that Glasgow did not gain any points. However Selkirk’s dogged determination paid off and Darren Clapperton found a gap and went the distance to secure an unconverted try in the corner on 12 minutes, unfortunately this was the last he was to figure in the game due to a hamstring injury.
The game swung back and forth until the 22nd minute when Glasgow breached the home defensive and edged ahead with a converted try, only for Selkirk to reply immediately through a well worked forwards rumble, allowing Ruairi Wilson to touch down, which was not converted. To be fair both conversion attempts by Allan Rutter were into a very strong headwind, and he was very unlucky on both attempts.
Unfortunately the Selkirk concentration lapsed slightly, and all the previous efforts to keep on top of the game seemed so far away when Glasgow ran in 2 tries before half time (both unconverted) taking the half time score to 10 – 17.
The second half started as the first half finished with Glasgow running in a 7 point try, taking the score to 10 – 24, and it would have been understandable if that had been the catalyst for Selkirk to capitulate. But no, this was not to be the case, Selkirk dug deep and gathered their thoughts and started to claw their way back into the game, the second row of Jack Houston and Callum Hume playing out of their skins to pull Selkirk back into the game, which to the crowds elation Houston was rewarded with a fine try in the corner which with the wind behind it the resulting conversion was slotted admirably by outstanding on the day Kiwi Jackson “Jacko” Wallace bringing the game to within 7 points.
Selkirk dug deep and were certainly on the ascendency when Matt Robertson capped off his brave performance going over for a try with 6 minutes to go, however this is where the fairy tale comeback ended. The referee who had been swayed earlier in the game by the vocal opponents, was cajoled into thinking there may have been a Glasgow hand involved in the touchdown…there were players from both sides remonstrating in front of the ref, he was certainly undecided on his chosen outcome by pointing to scrum fives and 22 drop outs, then going back to a try, before the pressure on him mounted to a crescendo and he made the kneejerk decision to finish the game and promptly left the park and got into his car and drove off into the sunset!
The only positive left for Selkirk to take was that the win was definitely in their grasp had the try been given with 6 minutes to go, but they would need to settle for the bonus point defeat…cest la vie!

Team: Kieran Monks, Fraser Anderson, Darren Clappreton, Jy Griffin, Allan Rutter, Gavin Craig, Scott Tough, Robbie Rielly, Ruairi Wilson, Kieran Thompson, Callum Hume, Jack Houston, Robert Cook, matt Robertson, Scott McDonald, Jackson Wallace Ryan Sheil, Steffan Bristar, Matt Stanners, Fraser Easson, Wullie McClymont.

Report Donny MacKenzie,  Photos David Nichol