LIVINGSTON 2nds . 10, SELKIRK 2nds .... 35

Livingston, I presume, for Selkirk 2nds

Selkirk got a wake-up call in the first three minutes of this game when Livingston burst through their defence to score in the corner. The Souters retaliated through Lindsay Carrick in the 15th minute driving over the home line to score.
Gary Lyall added the conversion then put Selkirk ahead a few minutes later with a penalty which he quickly followed with a second to make it 5-13 by half time.
Livingston have spent a great deal of time and money on their pitch over the past few seasons and some of the Selkirk side who played there in the past scarcely recognised the venue. £40,000 on the playing surface alone is a sum which most Border clubs could only dream about.
Selkirk were not on a site-seeing tour though and after half time Bruce Armstrong who is just back from holiday went over for a try. Lyall didn't get the conversion but he did add another penalty in the 60th minute.
Livingston are an extremely physical side but Selkirk pressed them continuously although the home defence contested every bounce of the ball. Brian Hoggan collected the ball wide and went over for another Selkirk try which Lyall converted.
Livingston were stung into action and battered their way through for a second try which, like their first, went unconverted.
The final try of the match came from a Selkirk ahead which Colin Chapman collected. Chappie left the Livingston defence, and most of the Selkirk team, dumbstruck as he turned on a turn of speed to wrestle with the home full-back and get the bell out to Darren Hulme.
Hulme went over for Lyall to add the goal points and put Selkirk well in front. The only dilemma facing the Selkirk coaches now is whether to play Chapman in his usual second row position or to try him out on the wing next week.