Good omen for Selkirk as Cochrane scores in 2nds win

On-Form Souters beat Perthshire

Selkirk 2nds had Perthshire as their guests on the back pitch at Philiphaugh on Saturday and just like they did on their visit to Kings Field earlier in the season the Souters out-played and out-classed the county side.
Darren Hulme opened the scoring for the Souters with a try which Easson had no difficulty converting, then David Johnston ran through the Perthshire defence showing his speed and penetration skills to double the score.
"Village" Heatlie got the third try for the home side but this time Easson was off-target but it made it all Selkirk with the half-time score standing at 19-Nil.
The 'Brigend Bullet, Bruce Armstrong scored a try in the corner not long after the re-start after Hulme had fed him the ball then to the delight of the Selkirk seconds manager and all the committee men Cameron Cochrane went over for the next one which Easson again converted.
Cameron was carried off the main pitch at Philiphaugh in the first Division 2 game of the season against Murrayfield Wanderers with a bad leg break. He was on crutches for a long time and resumed training in the past few weeks.
His speed and his scoring abilities have been lost to the senior side and at this stage with only Ayr to face in the Premiership he should be gently eased in for next season. He could help the 'A' side in the coming weeks to get into a winning position in their own league.
A partnership between "Jeep" Armstrong and Duncan Lawson saw Selkirk get their final try of the game with Lawson demonstrating some almost ballet-like grace in scoring between the posts. Easson converted.
Perthshire got a consolation try in the dying minutes of the game which was converted to make the final score 38-7. Selkirk manager Douglas Gunn was pleased with the way in which they showed versatility on the park.
"They will need to demonstrate that same characteristic this Saturday at Jed-Forest when they face much sterner opposition," he said, "but I have every faith in the lads. They can do it!"

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