Founded in 1907

Selkirk Rugby Football Club


  1. The name of the Club shall be ‘Selkirk Rugby Football Club’.
  2. The objects of the Club shall be:

    (a) To play rugby football according to the rules of the Scottish Rugby Union and provide facilities for playing the game at all levels

    (b) To promote social facilities for members in furtherance of these objectives.

    (c) To provide such facilities and opportunities, as appropriate, to encourage Community support and involvement with the Club.

    (d) To adequately represent the Club’s interests at the Scottish Rugby Union and the Border League.
  3. The dress of the Players shall be navy blue jerseys, white shorts and blue socks. The Players chosen to play in matches are expected to provide themselves with requisite clothing, and only Members of the Club shall be chosen to play. The Board of Management with the support of the General Committee have the powers to vary the colour of the jerseys, shorts and socks as required.
  4. The Club shall consist of President, Vice-President, Junior Vice-Presidents, Hon. Vice-President, Life Members, Playing Members, Non-playing Members, Family Members, Junior Members, Senior Citizen Members.
  5. The affairs of the Club shall be governed by the General Committee consisting of:- President, Vice-President, Junior Vice-Presidents, Hon. Vice- Presidents, Hon. Joint Secretaries or Secretary, Joint Treasurers or Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Rugby Manager, Membership Secretary, Fixture Secretary, and Committee men within a maximum of thirty, and all with the exception of the President and Vice-President to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, to hold office for a period of one year. The general Committee shall have the powers to co-opt members of the Sub-Committee to serve on the General Committee.

    The day-to-day operational management of the Club shall be devolved to the Board of Management, the structure of which shall be agreed at each Annual General Meeting.

    The President, if not the Chairman, to be ex officio.

    The Board of Management at all times being accountable to the General Committee.
  6. Annual Meeting and Election of Office-Bearers. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held after the end of each season at the discretion of the General Committee, at which meeting the Office-Bearers Membership of the Committee to be elected for the year shall be elected by a majority of votes of members present. The Board of Management with the support of the General Committee have the power to fill up vacancies that may occur during their term of office. At all Meetings the Chairman shall have the casting vote as well as a deliberative vote. The exception will be the offices of President and Vice-President, see Rule 9.
  7. Periodical and Special Meetings. The General Committee shall hold periodical Meetings, every two months, or as required. Special Meetings of the Club may be called by the General Committee at any time and also, must be called on the requisition to the secretary signed by at least ten Members and stating the object for which such a Meeting is to be held.
  8. Motions or Recommendations. Any motion or recommendation brought forward by the Committee shall be considered as duly proposed and seconded.
  9. Election of President, Vice-President and Junior Vice-Presidents. The President will be appointed at the Annual general Meeting. Nominations for the post of Vice-President should be submitted in writing to the Secretary no later than two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. Such nominees must be serving committee or sub-committee members and be proposed and seconded by two full members of the Club. In the event of there being more than one nominee the successful candidate will be elected by a majority vote of those members present at the Annual General Meeting.
  10. Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Club at their ordinary, Extra-ordinary and Committee Meetings, and shall call the Meetings of the Club and generally take charge of all papers, books and recordings belonging thereto.

    The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies due to, and by the Club, and shall prepare an account thereof to be laid before the Membership at the Annual general Meeting of the Club, such an account having been certified by a professional Chartered Accountant.
  11. Classes of Membership shall be as follows:-

    (a) Life Member

    (b) Playing Member

    (c) Non-Playing/Family Member

    (d) Junior Member and

    (e) Senior Citizen (people of state pension age) Member.

    Persons to be honoured by the Club by election of Life member shall be nominated by the Board of Management with the support of the General Committee and elected at an Annual General Meeting.
  12. Application for Membership is inclusive and open to everyone upon presentation of a completed Application Form and payment to the Club Membership Secretary. All Members shall abide by the requirements of the Constitution and any Rules and Regulations of the Club.
  13. Admission to Membership is open to all and no application for membership will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of race occupation, sexual orientation, religious faith, political or other opinion.
  14. Equity: The Club operates an Equal Opportunities Policy where no one is denied the right to equal access on the grounds of age, race, creed, colour, gender, disability, occupation, religion, sexual orientation or political persuasion or marital status or having or not having dependants. Where there is equality of opportunity in terms of the playing rights and the rights of members to attend general meetings, vote and hold office.
  15. Subscriptions are payable on or before 1st October or immediately after entry. The Annual Subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. Members Cards do not authorise admittance to Seven-A-Side Sports, or other Games so ruled by the Board of Management. Membership Fees shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Management in consultation with the General Committee and reflect the following categories:

    (a) Playing Member

    (b) Non-Playing Member

    (c) Family Member

    (d) Junior Member

    (e) Senior Citizen
  16. No alteration or amendment shall be made to any rules except at the Annual General Meeting or at Special Meeting of the Club, and due notice of 21 days must be given to the Secretary, in writing, of the terms of any alteration or amendment then to be proposed. Such alterations or amendments shall be adopted only by a vote of a two-thirds majority of members present. Proposals approved by at least ten members under this Rule must be lodged in writing with the Secretary at least 21 days prior to such meeting and it shall be incumbent upon the Secretary to inform the membership of the terms of any alteration or amendment proposed, no less than seven days prior to the said meeting.
  17. Dissolution. The dissolution of the Club and the time, mode, terms and condition at, in, and upon which the dissolution shall take place may be resolved upon by the Club by a resolution passed and confirmed respectively by majorities of at least two-thirds of the votes of members present and voting at two successive Special General Meetings held at an interval of not less than fourteen days. If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains after the satisfaction of all Club’s debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to some organisation or organisations having objects (that is, aims and activities) similar to the objects of the club, such organisation or organisations to be determined by the members of the Club by Resolution passed at a General meeting at or before the time of the dissolution, and in so far as effect cannot be given to such provision then to some charitable objects.
  18. The Board of Management with the support of the General Committee shall have powers to provide premises for the sale of alcohol at Philiphaugh. The Club premises shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Acts for the time being in force and shall be open for the sale of Alcohol within the permitted hours.
  19. Refusal to supply liquor. The Club Steward should be recommended for appointment by the Board of Management with the support of the General Committee and should not be a member of either the Board of Management or the General Committee. The Club Steward must ensure that all aspects of the Scottish Sale of Alcohol Licence requirements are strictly enforced.
  20. Discretion of Committee. The Board of Management with the support of the General Committee may, at their discretion, curtail the hours of opening of the Club Premises, and limit access thereto.
  21. No personal interest in the sale of alcohol. No member of the committee or Club Master or other person employed by the Club shall have any personal interest in the sale of alcohol therein, or in the profits from such sales.
  22. Members rights in property. The property, effects and monies of the Club shall belong to the members equally during membership; but the right and interest of every Member shall be personal and limited to himself and shall expire with the membership, and shall not be assignable or arrestable, or pass to heirs or executors. The title of any heritable or property belonging to the Club shall be in the name of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman and one member of the Committee and their successors as trustees.
  23. Power to borrow etc. The Board of Management shall not have the power to borrow money for any capital outlay without the authority from the Club granted at the Annual General meeting, but they may, if necessary, overdraw the accounts kept with the Bank for the purpose of meeting the necessary ordinary expenditure. Any bonds or bills leases or other obligations granted in terms of authority from an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Club shall bind the whole members of the Club, present or future, as effectually as if they had individually subscribed to such bonds or bills.
  24. Production of membership Cards. The Board of Management with the support of the General Committee shall have the power to compel Members to show their membership Cards before admission can be obtained to General Meetings.
  25. Misconduct. The Committee, on the recommendation of the Board of management shall have power to expel from the Club and Member whose conduct appears to endanger the character, interest or good order of the Club.
  26. Complaints. Complaints must be in writing to the Secretary and shall be submitted and considered by the General Committee on the recommendation of the Board of Management. None shall be attended to unless this form be complied with.
  27. Protection. The Club is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children in its care. It recognises the responsibility to promote safe practice and to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation. Staff and volunteers will work together to embrace difference and diversity and respect the rights of children and young people.